Saturday, August 16, 2014


OK! Let's get with the "program" - this is what she said to me because I was in the habit of using the word, "should." It would tear her a new asshole because in her mind it was being disrespectful for she preferred the word "could." She "could" do this or that or any other thing that she so desired; but by no way other than fucking hell was I or anyone one else going to tell her she "should" do anything. You Know! For me it had been a life time thing to say "should" if I thought it was consequential. One day she broke down and told me the story behind her anger: One day while out riding on the back of a motorcycle the guy pulled over on a dirt road and put her through the "should" program and she ended up giving him a blow job. This was now a "metaphor" that floated around the game of our love play; she would go from heaven to hell instantly upon hearing the bedeviled tone coming out of my mind's tongue, "Victoria you "should"...; before I had the chance to kick myself in the ass she was getting out her "strap-on;" through the process of "pegging" my ass, I was going to get a taste of her fucking revenge. So yes, I came to the conclusion that if there was ever going to be any kind of a compromise, I was going to have to become just another one of her disciples. Anyway, our relationship ended rather abruptly, when she came home from a hard day's work I presented her with my wonderful new experience of traveling through space. Yes! This is what I believe happened on that day of mediation. She would go to work; I would go into my man cave; light a candle placing it at the base of my mirror of reflection where I would relax the frames of my mind, thereby giving me back my spent yesterdays. She thought I was talking about astral projection; but no I told her that while I was out and about on my afternoon walk in the park that I stepped off of the curb and ended up by stepping onto the street up the block. Yes! she attributed it to me doing "drugs" and only hallucinating. I said, "No! it is all because of you; you are such a wonderful source of energy." Than we got into this argument about her "energy" -meaning when she leaves the house she leaves behind a most juicy energy; "it fires me up," I said. This is where I fucked up: I told her that I got along better with her "afterglow" of energy than I did with her when she was home. Anyway! She kicked me out of the house and told me to go back to the beach and hang out with the rest of the broken "pieces" of shells.