Thursday, August 7, 2014


All I heard was that, if you want stability, you must nurture the women of the population. It is their sense of stability which allows for the "right" environment so that commerce can develop. Women need the encouragement brought about out of Private & Public cooperation. This is the pathway out of poverty; allowing prosperity its fruition will free those impoverished a window of opportunity -therefore regional stability to maximize the potential of the community. It sounds good to me; I just wish that it was the mind set being postulated for the people of the U.S. instead of the woman of Africa; I'm not knocking the woman of Africa because some of the woman of Africa are living in the U.S. too. It is just that the children of African woman in the U.S. go to prison, while the children of African woman in Africa go to college. The American women are paying for that "foreign" aid to Africa; you would think that they could get a better dividend on their investment than a prison sentence  for their children. Right!  America is over because the "fat lady is singing." You know! The woman of the U.S. needs to come together around the and form a "union" based on social justice. And yes! the U.S. labor force needs to get a greater share of the economic pie. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is rooted in a tradition of sharing, not hording as the elites have seemed to be relishing in. This "hording" is shit which comes from the private market side of the isle. Keep the worker hungry; they will work all the more religiously, if you give the masses the freedom to aspire to what is uniquely themselves; they will all run of to the "titty bar," shoot pool and have a beer with me as we compete for the attention in the room.