Monday, August 25, 2014

Never! no.

I have no "idea." It's the Stockholm syndrome I suppose: please do not hold me responsible after you stomped this shit into my head. The accepted negative format coming back on itself, like a piranha from one of the South American streams chowing down on someone's ass. Yes! This is the truth because society is very cruel when it thinks that it has been crossed. The mob will form for anyone of the various causes that gets touted about on a daily bases. When I think about myself, the way in which prison's effect destroyed my past because I died in prison, meaning that the life form that entered prison is not the life form that came back out, brainless & without past memories, scrambled anyway. Now! Life is quicksand because their is no control when society feels it has been crossed. Yes! I believe that I must be falling in love with my captors since I claim that I am a "political" prisoner.  I am a felon in society's prison; it's "the icicle garden," where every day is a snow day. The U.S.S.R. had Siberia's gulags & the U.S. has its prison mentality of separating its population by class distinction, like felon on the bottom never to become touchable unless politically connected to the power elites. Than you can run for State office; "you know" like the Senate in S.C.  What can I say, in this world of ours -yours and mine- we have to accept those who stomp away on our "liberties" or we will be denied our "rights;" this is said to be done in the name of safety, homeland security. Picture the inner workings of Machiavelli's take on the Marquis de Sade's inner sense of balancing his pleasures as they bounce -out and about- on the happy environs of desire.  The "Prince" was all about inculcating the masses into control by dominating over their resources like de Sade tortured his victims for his own gratification -orgasm. Yes! "the times they are changing..." but the fucking power structure; its connection to the corrupt streams flowing from the churches' dogma on "redemption" is polluted so as to foster "polio" of the soul.