Sunday, August 3, 2014

"While I breath, I hope."

Tortola, British VI is the place where I picked up the sailboat before heading out on the "wild blue yonder" looking for adventure and mystery with others like me. I'm sitting on the dock thinking that the "secretary" is the face of the business; I'm a product of my past, thank god offices had secretaries who knew how to get things done; so, how do you translate that into a business model for the internet. How do you construct a "porthole" or "wormhole" into the internet and call it Secretary. You would have to build a "control center" to guide the various aspects of your creativity. Anyway, this is what I'm attempting to do with my web site: WWW.THEBLACKMARKET.ME  So give me a break about its appearance until I learn what and how to operate it. By the way, we all need something to contemplate about; so I'm all in on "social justice" under the laws of the Constitution. But I also understand that, to have any effect, you have to be on the "table" as they say. If you were to formalize under one construct, Inc., you could lobby on behalf of the felons because now that they are a corporation; they are entitled to arbitrate for their labor. Corporations are citizens too with all the pathways in place to traverse the system's in's and out's. Yes! It's the secretary's skills to "slice and dice" a pathway for your "porthole" or "wormhole" to plug into. These were my thoughts sitting on the dock in the harbor of Tortola, BVI. I'm sitting on the dock; it is small but private. Right in front of my mind's eye was the "sailing club" from which I would be debarking from. Yes! this is what I'm thinking about: How sailing around the islands  could have been had I not been put upon by the state of SC and their rogue judicial system of the reigning elites to serve the time of their hypocrisy. Anyway, they did fuck me over; but, now is now;  as you know, you must move on; but, not like the "man from La Mancha," maybe more like "Frankenstein." By turning the "secretary" from my days into the commander of the "bridge."