Thursday, August 14, 2014

de...cision, Cut Off!

Why is it hard to make a decision? To me,  decision is a cost because I acquired something new, or I got rid of something old. I like things to happen on their own merit without conscious effort, simple living.  The one thing that I know for sure is that I have not attained enlightenment in my life; how about you? But doing "something" is much different because it has an immediate gratification tied along with the completion of the task; like today, I took the pressure washer to my deck. Now! My deck looks new; I felt "accomplished" even though it was a task long overdue. No negatives coming my way - all my vibes are positive. It's my body that is feeling the pain; my mind is out with the fairies of yesterday, whatever that means. I do not have anything new to contend with; I have a clean deck to be sure. When I wake up tomorrow I will feel as if I do indeed deserve to take the day off because I have the evidence right in front of me. My clean new deck will ring out loud and clear that yes he did this all by himself, never giving way to temptation to put it off until the big moon comes around again. What I like are sub-totals because you can add or detract from it; it still "could" be a subtotal because it is but a snapshot in time. Yes! To me "life" is supposed to have an ebbing quality to it, more like "you are on it" rather than "you are in it" and on & in you go down the "yellow brick road." I can see passing something on to the next person; so, I suppose that is not a loss because you did not get rid of something you simply allowed it to move on, "tribal" you see, in the nature of sharing. Anyway, the long and the short of it, "Choices" over "decisions," this way you can pick out what you need when you need it; so the remainder can be there for when it is needed. Meanwhile, there is no need to become uncomfortable about rejecting today's options for there will always be a tomorrow to try all over  again.