Friday, June 26, 2015

FLAG flying for prison reform.

Let us play loosely with the metaphors: Money, Flag, Power, Church & State Actors. For example, you reach into your pocket; pull out a $20 dollar bill. Now what does it represent? It has a # (number) on it; but do you own that #number? You occupy its worth with its grantor, the Government. Postulate! This is the point! You can deposit this $20 dollar bill into the bank; they will offer you choices, like twenty one dollar numbers, two ten dollar numbers, four five dollar numbers, or sometime in the future a new number for the whole value of the $20 dollar bill deposited. OK! This is a fair example of your Government, maybe. But! What about the value of the individual when it is deposited into the criminal justice system like the state of South Carolina, ETC. Now! Upon trying to get your self worth back, made whole again -it's impossible to do because you are faced with many unforeseen expenses which devalues your citizenship; therefor your 13th & 14th rights to the Constitution of the United States of America - leaving you less than able to pursue the fruits of happiness passed on to you through citizenship, its worth. Also! There is only one number; it's stenciled upon your value as the number stenciled upon the Jews in Hitler's prison system; You are F***ing dead meat.  This is an example of how Power, Church & State -rouge prosecutor. These have come into confluence to advance their share of humanity -the individual's rights under the Constitution, under one Flag -the stars and stripes.