Wednesday, October 1, 2014


So what is this moment all about? It is about anger; it is about the fragmented Middle East. To me, anger is a state of mind that has given up its "weakness" of thought. Yes! thinking in "context" allows force of nature to manifest its construct of accommodating and assimilating the various interests in the Middle East.  To me the key to the region is not to destroy each others differences because you would stand alone; therefore, you would be where you started from; you would be alone without counsel. The idea of going "tribal" is governess out of council. Another way to look at "it" is to think exponentially because it is the confluence with others of various perspectives that gives us the greatest "stage" to unfurl the region's potentiality. For example, I believe that you become angry when your intellect is being challenged because you cannot think.  As in the children's game of  paper rock scissors, scissors cuts paper like anger shreds mind. If I may set up another metaphor to play with, let us look to the Middle East & see what could be with a little bit of imagination. Turkey is the key to many pathways of possibilities. Like the Ottoman Empire's interpretation of "the Prince" by Machiavelli  brought the tribes from the region under one rule. Yes! the steps of the Mediterranean lead to Turkey as the "roads" led to Rome. Bring Turkey into the European Union would or could become the stage that will give voice to its environs. Yes! If Turkey were to be what it was, it would be Sunni and not Shia, meaning there would be a clear division of authority. Sunni was meant to govern since the inception of the Muslim religion. For example, if you were a follower & a member of the tribe you were Sunni & if you were a follower & a convert you were Shia. How about if we play the game of "context": If Bush 2 took out Saddam, but did not take out the Sunni construct of governess the Middle East today would be a much better place. Just because Saddam was brutality in wielding the Sunni construct does not mean that the Sunni construct of governance is "brutal;" it's tribal, not democratic. e-mail