Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I'm sorry, but I'm not dispensable. I'm with "you" here & now! Anonymity is what I would like to feel. Free to know that there is not someone out in the environment looking to take me down as "game" because of their perceived sense of vision., or their elite sense of standing in their own mind.  Their point of view is couched in their divinity with their God; whoever that is is a matter of contention, but the point is taken. They are there. My "fear" is real, but it can not interfere with dreaming unless I allow it to. So all of the players in the story are telling you a "false" story about me; so I'm telling something about them.  It was Judge Fields who sat on the bench during the proceeding and allowed the rogue-prosecutor to scream out to the sitting jury; " he is a time-share sales man, what chance did she have?" She set the seed of distrust based upon their experiences when taking a timeshare tour. At this point I must say that "statement" did not get into the "trial's" transcript. It's S.C. what else can anyone say? I was found guilty because I was a "timeshare" salesman. Yes! In those days every one who was anywhere near them took a tour and got a very bad taste for the salesman's exaggerations.  Now! Here is the point: Many years latter a friend of mine got stained by my conviction when she attempted to assist me with recovery. I had what some might call a mental meltdown when I was attempting my re-entry into society's impossibility. Because I was in charge of her hopeful projects the more the community of elites pressed back against her and she too was shunned. She is a advocate of early childhood education; it belongs in the home.  So here is the "irony:" She tried to purchase a property on Romney st. Charleston, S.C. so that she could offer it up to those women in the neighborhood as an entrepreneurial center for employing the families in the immediate vicinity.This property sat in the middle of two housing projects where residents have to walk if they want to save money, not drive. Transportation for the poor is a major factor in limiting their possibilities. She was not asking anyone one for any help to pay for her opportunity to further the community's effort. She was willing to pay all expenses to get the project under way. But because she was "stained" with my "scarlet letter" like the star of David pinned on the Jews of Germany by Hitler. These Charleston housing projects were home to many Black minority children who would love to have had their parents in a more opportunistic mood because of her project. Why were these minority children fair game to be hunted down and incarcerated instead of being give the opportunity to prosper? Tell me, Judge Fields, how does it feel to see the stench rise of off your sacred influence? Right! Fuckin' A! Drink to the God of omission & spread your "degrees of freedom" as we say in Numbers, "what does 'law' got to do with it"...'law' is but a second hand emotion...." The punch line is: Nietzsche was right, God is dead, S.C. seconds the motion. e-mail