Monday, October 13, 2014


They are stealing because they are not being utilized. If you "ostracize" them, you create a vacuum for them, meaning they are denied their membership rights into life's game. They are the "slaves." When the Judge is appointed as in the state of S.C. and not elected or otherwise controlled through or influenced through the legislative powers the "slave's" environment is set to deny the "slave." Slavery is the spice of the day, every day. Now! Here is the point: John Dunne wrote in meditation 17, " man is an island..." also, " ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for the..." So, here is the question:  if you "ostracize" them, what than will they become a part of?  They cannot be a part of the whole community enjoying their civil rights because the dominant principle is to dominate the agenda through political posturing. For example, when you have no rights because the state is a right to work state where the individual has no leverage, elites rule. Their theme is "the most restrictive restricts"; a few aristocratic minded minds will control their world. Now, they thought this because when they woke up in the morning and looked around they were the Southern "high cotton" intelligentsia who controlled the slave labor in their day, 1860's. For in its day it had its value because the elites thought that they were on the right side of thought, their ideas. The population as a whole is made up of slaves and that was Yesteryear's and this is Today. But the "high cotton" agenda still prevails in S.C. I say its "spice" is thriving on slavery. They can do it because you consider yourself to be a "body;" you are a brain that has a mind to play with; but you would rather be a body that is in control as it was in the days of the 1860's. It even seems that you wanted the South to win the war over slavery so that you could assume a Fascist mind set.  Let me give you a metaphor for the "Fascist mind set" to help process my thought: Il Duce & the Church. In the early 1900's the Catholic Church of Rome, the Pope controlled the land and the souls of Italy, but they were poor because the elites controlled commerce, therefore, the money. So when Mussolini came into power in the 1930's, he cut a deal with the church: he took all of the land accept an Island state in the middle of the city of Rome, Italy's capital, allowing the church to be its own state actor with banking powers, "Il  Duce" got the land and its population -as a right to work state, Fascism.  "A right to work state like S.C. is a Fascist state of mind if not of the body as well. Let me end with this thought of what if? ...the people of S.C. tore of the Legislative mask which hides all of the "sins." For example, when Pope Francis tore the mask off of the Church's banking model he found out that the church was so liquid because it had its fingers in all sorts of eCommerce like owning over 8,000 tourist units in down town London, England with a street value of well in excess of millions per day, plus the church owns the property as well. Yes! S.C wants you to be " barefoot and pregnant" with its antiquated mind set blowing up your helium balloon of life.   e-mail,