Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Truth's side of "midnight."

Midnight is the benchmark of time; it is also the beginning & ending of time's daily routine. Now! What I do with my time has nothing to do with you unless you have "fuck-ed" over my state of consciousness like when the Nettles' family walked into a court room, lied to the Jury about my actions out of "spite & greed." Yes, this is what is know as "white 'trailer park' trash" in the old Southern way of relating about someone's status, "white trash." But! What the fuck! The key to understanding is simple when you realize that it is a fool's game if you put your future on the "backside" of anyone other than yourself. Like in my case, I am grafted to their "lies" because S.C allowed this to happen through its corruptible judiciary.  But in your case, you are untethered unless you are willing to choose to follow instead of lead. So, now each moment is earned or lost depending on what you did with the moment at hand. For example: are you waiting for someone to do something for you so that you can finish the moment; or is someone waiting on you to do something so that there is continuity of moments, as the old sage once said to his young  disciple, it's "moment to moment" that we live, so act that way by incurring into a "role-play" that gives direction to these moments coming up, like the "pack" man of yesteryear consuming its dots on the screen. Yes! As you traverse the moment at hand, you couch it in "self best interest;" otherwise, the generalized other will not understand your motives. This is the greatest "sin," to speak and not be understood.  Communication is allowing for the differences between two or more points at any moment. e-mail balanceincr@me.com