Monday, September 29, 2014

...two "mind's"...thinking.

Imagine the conversation between the felon & his attorney: The attorney wants to develop an "innocence project" in the state of S.C. The felon wants his case to be the bench mark against corruption between "church & state" for the constitution mandates this point of view & the states of N.M & S.C. colluded in the process of setting up a situation where felony sanctions were set, misprision of a felony. When the prosecutor failed to provide any credible evidence the Judge changed the charges to favor the prosecutor, and demonizing the defendant, on statutory grounds. The felon thinks the situation is a no-brainer; but maybe the attorney is reticent because corruption in this case runs "deeper than the deep blue sea." Anyway! Recently, the S.C. Supreme Court ruled that your name can be taken of the "sex offenders registry." Take me before the Supreme Court so I can ask them why they deem it so insignificant in the past when they turned me down -the first time around- but round 2 is coming up. Corruption is the culprit because it is a system designed to foster itself, perpetuating its viability so that those who participate can manipulate their particular situation as well. For example, the prosecutor works for the "judge." It was the "judge" that reduced the charges so that there could be a conviction; & the "moneyed" elites in the states of N.M. & S.C. were again manipulating the events of privilege through the court's courting the "Church's" turpitude, its hermeneutics. Yes! The "South" just loves to perpetuate the fairy tales coming from their childish beliefs in their Aristocracy. South Carolina was a land grab by the English elites coming out of the Protestant Reformation which as you know was spear headed by Henry the V111. Please! There is no difference between King Henry V111 of England & Emperor Constantine of Rome other than the obvious  point of "time,"16th century & 4th century, respectively, & Yes, they both endorsed & enforced Bibles, Protestant & Catholic.  e-mail