Thursday, September 11, 2014


I know how the "Jew" felt when no one would make room for him; when he was running from Hitler's effect upon Germany, & yes! -upon the world. I am a "political" prisoner in the strange land of my birth. For, the same reason as the "Jew" was rejected by the then standing ruling "elites." Because power effects how you are seen; whether you are recognized or not recognized depends upon how others choose to dispense with you; it's their effect being burnished with your disintegration. Think! What is it about this sort of "reddish" flower with some what of a purple aura retrieving form your mind's eye? Could it be the heart of the "Jew" escaping the terror of Nazi like thinking, or maybe it's the assault on ISIS that is foremost in your mind. Could it be the way that the flower's surface mimics the texture of Man's brain; & still, you cannot see the sense of the political mind- how it collects its "political" prisoners, and the labeling begins to twist, distorting the idea of its being. Maybe you just see a red flower because life's future is inconsequential as far as you are concerned. Yes, if it were a pile of hamburger, you could relate more or less to a good sandwich like I had after the Art exhibit on Toulouse - Lautrec this past weekend in the "big apple." I went to "Burger heaven" just up the street from the Museum of Modern Art. So, just maybe, it is true that "life & art" distort one another as it is perceived over time, long live the Christian's Crusades over morality's way of life; but please stay away from making the "cow" a sacred object like religion and "fucking" up a good hamburger sandwich.