Sunday, September 21, 2014

Remembrance: "..?.."

This is the "?" if you can follow my drift. You do not know me: no one knows me because no one knows themselves. You Know! If no one knows their "space"- identity as it is being displaced when they occupy various interactions with others. For example, looking at a group of known individuals, each will have a different standing -identity in the group- as they are being assimilated or accommodated by their peers, their degrees of fluid movement. "Degrees of fluid movement" - I never had "it;" I can not remember a "fluid movement." Because when I move from person to person I have no real idea of who I am. So, at any particular moment who gives a flying "fuck" anyway. I say this because everyone seem to be jockeying around for their "self best interest." Am I right or wrong? So maybe life is all about "gossip;" and living is peddling "gossip" in a cryptic fashion. It is sort of like the once popular t-shirt, "shit happens." OR! "A China-man's chance" was a one time expression which meant that you were more likely to "die" than succeed at what your most desired opportunities were. So, the question becomes -how do you deal with your understanding of the situation at hand. For example, the "American Dream" used to be like the Jefferson's on TV - "moving on up." But this is no longer true because it seems that people are more into trying to keep what they have. Fuck the false ideal of "moving on up."  People do not want their children or themselves to lose their position like "middle class" or "working class" and end up in the "No class" or "under class." You Know! "welfare class." Remembrance could or "should" be all about the French Revolution and every time the "elites" slide back to the T-shirt -if there is no bread let them eat cake- pull out the guillotine and chop of some heads. Side Bar: we all "should" be a feminist because a the rate our society is moving men will be home; the women will be in the work force; maybe they will bring back the unions; otherwise the "elites" will simply enslave the minds of society into believing that their just reward will come in the next world. You Know! Religion. e-mail