Friday, September 19, 2014


If it is my job to tickle the "hell" out of you, then please bend over and allow me to stick my tongue up your "ares" and wiggle it around until you get a good belly laugh. OK! Let us put this another way: Because I am a "child" of life,  I learn "vicariously" as I do the bidding. And that usually means that I have to pull someone's head right out of their ass -first. The point that I'm trying to make is simple & yes, complex. For example, there is an expression that goes something like this: "think outside of the box." So, here is the secret: become a "box" collector, fill those boxes with "shoes" & than sell them back to the "ladies" as fashion. It's the "experience" learned "piece by piece" from playing in those boxes that puts you on the path to enlightenment, or "whatever." I'm the "disciple" from hell because it is "hell" when you get there. It is the assumption of "truth," at someone's level of knowledge about the "box"; this is what a mathematician might look at and say "degrees of freedom" because when dealing with a complex situation there are variables between and within these variables. There is nothing more "naive" than an uneducated mind because it keeps its "box" for "athletic" shoes which everyone knows only leads one to competition & "one upsmenship," which has no baring on the "validity" of the "sale" -idea. Now is the "time" to give your "box" a tickle & see if you are getting a good belly laugh. e-mail