Thursday, September 11, 2014

Who, me?

Everything is in your brain; your mind is out to lunch & there you are on Facebook telling "lies" like, I'm 31 years old; I just fell off the "cabbage patch truck," will you be my friend. You're fishing the streams that used to come out only at night, in the dark. Now! Your are a FB junkie; you need a fix. You have been buried so, so long like "Dr. Jekyll & Hyde" & FB is your "main -line." You know! You can be because it was Shakespeare who said, "...all the world is a stage...." & It's your FB world; your FB stage; so it's your duty to play many of the roles. For example, this weekend I went to the theater and saw "A gentleman's guide to love and murder." One of the actors played 9 individual characters during the production; just like me and you when we get hooked up and charged for "as the world turns." Another moment to moment shedding of our skins, snake-ish is how I refer to it. Maybe it is another way of pitching the old story about "eve, the snake & the Big Apple." Now! In my case I am visiting  Brooklyn, NY, the home of the "big" Apple. And! My snake-ish appetite is looking for an "apple" for its EVE. On FB we can play the trifecta because it's win -place or show. It's FB. You Know! So, please look at the picture being presented; deem the facial characteristics to be the object against which you project your twisted prejudices. Be what they are for you; we are fishing in the same streams of reflected fantasy coming into fruition's imagination. I want to find my FB friend who knows what I need to know about creating a T-shirt to represent "" She could live in NJ & be CEO of herself.  But! She would make the best "secretary" of  "ideation." This is what I need & she is probably working for -Wally World- in NJ. But if she comes out of my FB family I could give a flying "fuck" what pod she lived in during her work a day life.