Monday, September 22, 2014

Open Apology

I want to take this time and apologize to ANYONE who received inappropriate material from my FB  feed; it was due to my inexperience with trying to build my website I did not realize that when I commented on or "liked" someone's Page because they asked me to that everything on their page would go out to everyone in my FB feed & for this I am very sorry. I will try to be a better steward to my FB friends in the future. Now! That said: I want to tell you as best I can, without offending any body, I use my FB friends as "therapy," a way to vent out "emotionally" instead of acting out against life's fiascoes in a "physically" disruptive fashion. Now, I have FB friends from around the world; each and every one of them is different; these differences seem to manifest in some very creative postings. These postings, as you know, appear on my FB page so that anyone who visits my personal page might find some of the content rather risque in its openness. For example, someone posted on their FB page a video of a young man dying from blood loss do to a bike accident. In the video you see a group of people filming his death. Each had their I-phone out at the ready to collect the evidence. Yet, not one soulless observer in the video rendered the dying boy help. Life is cheap! But, like the press reporter from days gone by, the "scoop" goes to the first observer who can post the "video" on their FB page, getting the byline. Yes! this is the extreme to some & normal to others; who are we to judge when we step over the homeless as we go "out & about" in our daily lives. I did not post this video, yet it appeared on my FB feed. It's FB's porthole into "Dante's inferno" as seen through the eyes of the Marque De Sade's memoir making fantasy.  e-mail