Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heathen...; Again & again!

Hear I sit because the state of S.C. has me in a "political" system which is eschewed in corruption. Yes! I am declaring my self a "political prisoner;" PP that's me.  The state is denying me my 13th & 14th constitutional rights under the Constitution of the U.S. of America. This is why I'm in the "union" business, the business of unionizing "felons."You Know! I am a non -citizen in the land of my birth -a man without a sanctuary. Yes! I am homeless living in a sea of "shame" brought about by the "corrupt crackers" who wield the Devil's will. So, now I carry the sign to devil stenciled on my shame -666. Heathen -666, this is their sense of a felon's value. You Know! I'm the "stick"-bitch that society likes to stick their pins into as they worship in their hollows of Voodoo. & they do it so well; yet I do think that it would excite me more if they wore just a taste of leather. Let's get real & go on the "down low" with their idea of Sodomy.  For example, Karl Menninger wrote in "man against himself" that a black man feels that it is his duty to make a white man his wife. This is the needle that S.C. uses to stick in its "stick"-bitch of a doll when it goes into the bowels of its soul & religious practices, like Voodoo. From one who has been there, there is one theme that runs through an inmate's mind when vacationing with the department of corrections & it is "what will I be tonight; will I be a "pitcher" or a"catcher." "C'est Sera Sera" the future is not mine to see, what will be will be. But the end game will be the same, the state of S.C. will stick the black man's "prick" into the white "cracker's" hole and the marriage will be consummated,