Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Open up to life's possibilities, worry not about the possibility of "sin" because according to Updike "you cannot get there from here." Why? Because there is no "sin" without contempt; everyone knows that there is no pleasure in contempt. So first be someone who is growing & willing to give up what "is" for the possibility of what could be. There is no "sin" in your DNA; "sin" comes when the individual disobeys the wishes from someone else & their beliefs- for example, one's religion or one's social contract that does not ever take the individual into consideration unless it is by way of a threat against their life in the next world. "Fuck" the next world; it is the time spent in this world that offers the individual a memory for whatever eternity is in store for whomever, like whatever. Now, please remember -probability has no way to get a handle on the truth to the query about the "afterlife." How do you even take the "afterlife" into consideration for when the moment comes, it is so solipsistic to begin to imagine because life will no longer be on the table. That is right; when someone dies they are no longer on the table of life. So stop being a foolish so & so and stand up on life's table and set your site on the horizon in front of the opportunity awaiting to be harvested by you my friend. Because the key to understanding is realizing that it is so foolish to end up like me living my life as a "face book friend" instead of being in life and living on the various Shakespearean situations which abound aplenty out and about in the community;
commune with life.