Monday, September 8, 2014

Open Sesame!

So, you're in the subway and you are presented with two options: continue to walk or get on the escalator. Now! you can either walk or "vacation" meaning, on the escalator, effort is not required, yet it still gets you there faster than if you had walked. This is the metaphor that I'm trying to replicate when dealing with how resources are distributed across society. In this example, I'm stepping into the world of real estate. New Mexico said that you need a real estate license to sell pieces of real property because you are acting as a fiduciary to the "act," witness; therefore, self best interest goes along with the property & integrity. "Equality" is on the escalator and "special interest" are walking. Than, South Carolina, which once had the same policy as New Mexico, changed its policy so that a license was not required to sell pieces of real property; therefore, neither  "equality or integrity" were ever on the table. In this case " equality & integrity" are walking and "special interests" are on the escalator, buyer beware. This is the distribution of power. In South Carolina power is top down; In New Mexico power is bottom up. My point being is: Nepotism -meaning family connected, rains/reins " ...not on the plain..." but in "special interest." This is why you must stop walking & take the escalator. YES: could be the "felon's" escalator. For example, South Carolina is a "right to work state;" as an individual, you have no "fucking" power. Power is top down with the Machiavelli touch. But, if get on the escalator & join "" as a union of voices screaming out that there is culpability on the part of distribution; you will be heard because you will be a corporation and get the right's of litigation on "employment," that's right: a felon's social security program based upon denied employment.