Sunday, September 14, 2014


It's all about the money: if you have the "money," honey, I have the time. Somebody has the time when someone else has the money. Money! Money! who's got the "time?" So what is the purpose of life if "money & time" are the pathways to "Joy?" I personally do not have this mind set: Because to me there seems to be some way to combine "work & calling" - something that comes from within after it has had a time to percolate from the conundrum of the "soul." So the "cause" is personal growth. So let your calling be your personal growth through a confluence with others. Yes! How about being apart of the "fabric" of that which is naturally coming out of you. You & I are the cause behind life because we are living when we are involved with others. When we are self absorbed in the mission over "objects" instead of purpose we lose the natural relations of community that is needed to sustain us in the fabric of society. For example, most of us are not test tube babies, we were formed inside of the body of a woman, mother. Now maybe you did not have a good relationship with your mother; but it's the metaphor that I'm using because you come out of the womb;  Motherhood is a different "kettle of fish" which is larger than you. It is like social justice over the rebirth of purpose of containment in Prison. For example, consider abortion! Instead of coming into life with a "spirit," I might have been formed in the test tube, or like a petri dish sample being formed in the laboratory. And there would be no -soul of spirit - just another avatar taking their place in a Fascist form of socialization. Prison does not allow for the -soul of spirit, it neuters creativity into propaganda, turning the individual into a "garbage disposal" that consumes for the sake of consumption and the local land fill. Also, the prison could have been planted when you were forming; therefore, there would be no desires for actualization, only conformity of behavior with a prospect of redemption in the after life, recycling.