Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"...incoming...." prejudice!

Yes! These "boys" run with the dogs; so if you lay down with the animals on some level you too become an animal, or you find society's common denominator & howl out the excuses for why you are different from those who lay down with the animals. Because! You too are "breeding" with a beast -one of the "boys."  For example, there is a situation where an individual -one of the "boys" is praised for his "anger" when he is on the ball field - gladiator ready because it has been inculcated into him, response cost. If he is programmed to respond, action is first predicated upon the learned responses, learned behaviors from his environment, family of origin, the "shit on a shingle's."  These behaviors trump all others when under the influence of extraneous variables, like "alcohol" or "anxiety" over social intercourse. Please, if you take the individual -one of the "boys" out of his environment, he still will first react as if he is there anyway. And! Then the howling out of excuses by society that this behavior is a one sided highway; the parties of the situation are not equally culpable. Give me a "fucking" break; it is a he/she stage. You provoke its effect; it is your affect; therefore it's your responsibility. OK there is a guy named Rice; "Morning Joe" is persecuting his "behavior" as if he understood the behavior. Society is acting as if it never expected this "behavior" even though it has a great history of repeating itself across all sectors of society; yet "prevalent" in the most challenged segments of  society's citizens - one of the "boys."Now!  Please tell me ,"Joe," This is Rome all over again only every citizen is acting their part in real time, 2014 not AD/BC give or take a day or two on the side of the calendar of measurement. Yes! "Joe" life is a business; it is not some social gathering that you choose to attend. Or you choose not to attend, going against it out of spite, even though there are grave consequences. So imagine if you lived in an environment where the occupants bitched about their inability to rise above their labor that consumed each member of the family; each "bitched" their spin of their daily "shit on a shingle" special.  If the behavior you seek has to come out of this kind of a "household," where do you think it could come from if it was digested in the daily "shit on a shingle" special? That is right! Where the "fuck" will the roots of your social "desires" come from if its socialization is not there in the "shit on a shingle" special of the day.