Friday, September 12, 2014


Could it be mine? No! This is not my image coming out of the colors. But it is not out of the "question" or -off the table that it "could" be a memory from my past. Understanding is coming our way: "May Yesterday's Dream be Tomorrow's Memory." Yes! Today our wishes could come "true." Everything that we worked on Yesterday could come into fruition today blessing us with Yesterday's wish. Therefore, Tomorrow's memory could be about Yesterday's blessings. And! The heat of the "beat" goes on Today's calendar because if we give it our all it could work out as it does sometimes in our dreams. It's our Aura's way of freeing the light being generated within our souls, our spirit or our humanity; this is the emerging image. Maybe the idea behind life is the quality of its time. For example, as the expression goes, "rags to riches to rags again in 2 generations because "Rags" made the money where "Riches" spent the money by squandering it on pleasures perceived to be those of their station in life; without realizing that, it is the conservation of money that give one the perceived toys need to sustain the privilege of having "old" money. I suppose that it also could be that the son of the founder believed that it was their right of passage to represent the "fruit fly's" way of going about attracting a mate. And! No I do not know how a "fruit fly" goes about attracting a mate, nor should anyone else out side of another "fruit fly." The idea of one's Aura is to shine light upon others within the community so that compassion might be fostered instead of "fruit flies" Now! being the "fly" on the wall as they say is a "fly" of a different species. The "fly" on the wall is all about giving good council like the consigliere in the movie "the God Father"