Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skin game.

The seed must die -in human terms- to become what you can. Yesterday died so that today could live; therefore today will die so that tomorrow will live. Think "moment to moment" management's decisions based upon "containment or resolution" principles. To be alive is to be without judgment so that you can listen to that which is being said, plus the "why" of it. The "why" of it stays where it is; we move out and about from stage to stage where each 'Why" of it is applied.  Every stage has its own "why" of it. Every day we play so many different roles as we go about our daily routine, not thinking about how these roles unfurl; they just do because it is who we are, it is our nature. Flexibility of "style" is how freely the skin of the past comes pealing off, freeing from the old & acquiring the new. For example,  the meaning of "is" to ISIS is the meaning of Spartacus to Rome. Today the U.S. is Rome. So to deal with ISIS you must understand that their learned memories are all emotional when dealing with the land that they walk across. Like Putin of  Russia taking back Crimea because it belong to the U.S.S.R. empire. ISIS belongs to the Ottoman Empire and it's taking it back. The Allies had no right to split up the tribe's land when they contoured the empire up into states. Giving the House of Saud top billing with the Arabian peninsula. Sunni is the governing arm of their belief system; Shia is the religious side of the system. Shia law is their meaning to what "is" is. There will never be a two state solution with Israel; ISIS knows this; it is the U.S. that does not have any "skin" in the game.  The U.S. has a financial interest in the Middle East, but it does not have any "emotion." To the U.S. the Middle East is a game of mental masturbation; it's intellectual not intercultural. This is because it does not understand that there is no more land to be discovered, like the U.S. was discovered in 1776 so it took the land away from Great Britain. Remember the Allies took it -land- away from the Ottomans at the end of WWII. ISIS -ISIL are the children of the Ottoman Empire, the children of the land known as the Middle East. The U.S only wants to recognize their founding fathers as "patriots" and all others subject to being call "terrorists."