Friday, February 28, 2014

Eyes Right!

It is said that "to understand it, is to be liberated from it" those old assumptions buried deep inside the Self. Searching, seeking, and questing that which you have neglected, the environment that spawns the self. Yes, understand how others approached it. "It's its it" is one of my favorite word strings. I say that because you have to put a value on the unknown. It is the pronoun of the unknown meaning; it is the absence of knowledge. So your journey is through the eye's of another. By doing so, you take the Bandura approach, vicarious learning through conversation with others- observing their experiences as they too are part of the mosaic of life, giving meaning to life and others. What I mean to say is surrender to that which is not part of you, that which functions to benefit the others. It always can benefit you as well as society; the two -you and society- are not mutually exclusive. You are dependent on the group as the group is dependent on you. Symbiotic. The problem is -how do you treat the toxic waste -the felon which the group created. The answer is very simple: Unionize their interest and give them political value. Create the function of X; employment is the key component missing for the reintegration of a member of the group.  For example, a group of young man passed me by and as they did their leader's command was eyes right; each member of the group turned their eyes away from me; they did this on a narrow walk way as if it did not matter because I am a felon. This is the Citadel's way of holding the line of perjury that permeates my trial. I'm a "political" prisoner because it suites the system; it owes for the favors it asked from others in the past. The Governor of NM simply called in a favor from the Governor of SC. Because; it was the Governor of NM that wanted me out of the state. If my enemy can get the Citadel to pull -eyes right, than please tell me how it is not political? The Citadel is Military; therefore, Government.