Saturday, March 1, 2014

When 21 is 22 it is -April fools day.

Shortly after being arrested on April 1st 1989 -April fools day-  I'm standing before the judge with my genitalia hanging free and my hands and legs shackled; this is when the judge said that because there are two Governor's warrants on this desk that his only option was to call in the 21day ruling. Meaning that if the state of NM has not turned me over to the state of SC that I would then be free to go. But SC didn't fly me out until the morning of the 22nd day. Mental molestation is all about keeping the brain in a quagmire; for example, I went from one drunk tank to another drunk tank to another drunk tank until they settled on the dungeons of Conway, SC. The Conway jail was the local drunk tank for the bad actors running up and down Myrtle Beach, SC. It was always overcrowded and you had to fight to maintain your space; most of the shit heads are in and out within a few days or weeks but I was in there week after week until it was month after month. Finally, they moved me to a state prison until year after year went by. Now the only thing I know for sure is this, my brain was fucked over so many times that it is impossible to find who I was before I was tortured by the system. You see the difference between 21days and 22days is that I could fight extradition and the state of SC never had any evidence to present at the trial, I never would have gone through such a sadistic mind fuck. But NM did not care about my 14th amendment rights. It is a state actor; it never cares about the generic individual; the power broker holds sway with the state. And that is why this society has the problems that it has. The bull is always out there and it sees you as the heifer to control and plunder.