Wednesday, March 5, 2014

...reading between the lines...understanding.

"So give me a little kiss will you, huh...." I'm really a prince if you just take the time to discover me; just give me a little kiss and I will turn into a prince. I'm felon the 'frog,' full of riches if I can only fine someone to turn me into their Chia pet. The pet is always a good metaphor for communicating a thought; I'm felon the 'dog'. I say to you that I'm God because I have some character issues and learning anomalies, like dyslexia. I say that you are here to experience my bounty. We end up confusing the issue of how to treat each other. For example, Who is the master? Who is the pet? You say that you are a child of God, yet you will not kiss me. Please remember, It was the wicked witch of Man that turned me into felon the frog denying God the rights promised, equality. Now, if there is no God, than I'm wrong and you are right. Than I'm here to suck the shit out of your ass because I'm a member of the "fecal -oid" family. I'm always the fertilizer and you are always the fruit, no pun intended if you take the leap of homophobia and think that I was saying that you have a queer way of thinking. Just kiss me and get it over with because I have a lot of creativity in me. "The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my power to absorb positive knowledge,"( Einstein).