Tuesday, March 25, 2014


If you are the image that others are to aspire to, what would I be like if I mimic your image? It's just a question my friend; nothing to fret about; I'm just trying to understand, OK. You heard about the "big bang" theory, the beginning of the universe. Now, are you the one who was around before the big bang or someone who came along after things settled down? Like, why do I want to dedicate my time to mimicking you?  Please note that you may not be aware of what is being done in your image; you are not in tune with nature. For, if you were, the system would be getting better, not worse. So, just for the moment, think of your self as the family pet, man's best friend, the dog. You serve your master and defend his position. Subjugating self to maintaining the status quo; you are obedient. And, as you know, coming from a family of dogs, you get kicked, like the can, all the way down the road, street to street as time passes you by. Talk about being left out of the picture, - no, I think I will not aspire to be you; it is for me to be me. Yes, it is all about me and the mistakes that others judge to be shameful.