Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Irish eyes are smiling"

You need to have all the pieces of the puzzle before you begin; this is why you need to know how the story's time line unfurls. I registered with the sheriff today; it cost me $150 dollars to post my picture on the internet,  a "target" like placing a staked lamb out to entice the prey. For example, someone killed a registered sex offender not too long ago in SC, and he intended to become a serial killer; killing those on the list because the system gave him a target, and a tacit story line to how they are treated in prison, quasi- queasy. So now the person who is looking to kill has a place to go; the system tells him every thing he needs to know about how to find his prey. Remember the lamb. Just maybe the system is using the internet to ferret out the individual who is becoming a danger to society. Setting them up and seeing if they will strike. Let me put it this way- they put a beautiful cop out on the street with a sign on her head saying, "I'm all yours for only  two-pits." You are driving down the road and you just got out of bible study and you see this fallen lamb; you stop to talk to her because you are a Christian; you pay her the 25cents so that she will give you the time to allow you to help her repent. But she is a cop and before you had a chance to give her your spiel she arrests you. Good luck with your story of true intentions.