Monday, March 10, 2014


"tt" is my name, not some other manifested program put out there by the system. There are people who believe that I am the devil because my number at sheriffs office is "666." They are the numerologists  of our decade shooting out that he "is." It was once said, by a very robust mind, "It depends on the meaning of is." So, the way in which the numbers are crunched are very powerful indeed. They are saying that there is only one way back and that is through "redemption." Whose redemption is the spear of evisceration, rendering whomever dysfunctional because they had been denied access. And you think that you wake up with a hard-on. Right! Tommy Tucker is the name of this game: My name is Tommy Tucker; please come and take a walk with me, fantasizing about what it could be like out there for me. Talking, mentoring, helping me to be me -  this is the message that I wish to hear, but do I hear this message? No! What I get is a system designed to keep me isolated so that it can harvest me again through incarceration and  feed me into the belly of the system's beast. Every felon has his and her own story. Yet, they all share in some form of rejection from the system. Leaving them in some form or another under constant pressure to survive for the moment. The system feeds on these actions; actions are predictable; to the felon everything could be costly. For example, you are so angry that you destroy your assets by raging out and breaking objects in your immediate vicinity. You just fucked up your own space because some asshole rattled your cage, leaving you spacey.  Your space is combustible; it burns red hot.  The problem is that it does not spawn assurance. Others need insurance when setting their footprint next to yours, and that is the stage of politics. will be lobbing under the banner of Balance Inc. R. for redux.