Tuesday, March 18, 2014

YES: "Your Easy Side"

Berlin will always be a special place to me; in, 1967 it was the "old Eden," a garden of life's attitudes. Yes, I was there. The Playboy Eden even had telephones on the tables- just pick up the phone and dial the table's number. He/She would pick up and the dance of love would begin; the pleasures of Berlin would flow and permeated the senses of desire, lust. In '67, Berlin was a surreal stage upon which humanity thrived against the odds. A little side-bar, I love my sister-in-law; she made my stay special. Carol lived on the bohemian wave flowing through sexuality's rhythm; she was woman.  And yes, she had a guest room for me with all of the civilized amenities. To my sister-in-law, I salute your remembrance; to all others, please remember those from your past who added pleasure to your life. Respect those pleasures because they are controlled by others; the system is very disrespectful because it's stratified and its powers are all controlled in the top tiers of its structure.  There it can become very deadly. Remember one of history's lessons: "man's search for meaning" by Frankel; this book will give you insight into hell. Believe me when I tell you some things are better learned on the vicarious template method rather than up close and personal like being tortured  by the system.  For example, If the idea of life is participation; if you take participation away than there is no life by definition. It juxtaposes what old ministers say: "be in this world, not of it" meaning, do not act as they act; act in a 'easy' way.