Monday, March 31, 2014


What is it that lays behind the lie that we, you or I, continue to foster? Truth is never there; it is always in someone else's pocket rolling around in yesterday's lint - like the lint that you might find in your belly-button or between your toes when taking off your shoes and socks. Maybe even the lint from the crack on your back side- yes, your ass. So what is this -this story that is eating at me all about. Well maybe is has to do with the way I was laying around; telling myself the lies that I wanted to hear. For example, someone out there wants to fill me up with joy. This is not a part of one of my dreams; it's real. Then I wake up from slumber there I will be in round two of the fight.  What do I mean by this? A level playing field where the rules are laid out so that you understand that there are twelve rounds to the fight. At the present moment, the system sets you up against a TKO in the first round; the fight is over and than reality sets in; the fix was in, you were only filler to the main event. Now where does that put you: right up there next to the next piece of lint that wants to have -a go at it.