Friday, March 14, 2014

Black Oak Cafe!

Why did Pete spend that 25k on partying over the Christmas holidays? The money was earmarked for the construction of the new septic system for kitchen and bathroom use. I went off to NY city for a couple of weeks of old Broadway.  When I came back into town, he said to me that "the senator gave me permission," and that is when I walked away. Southern graft is just not my game, but it was my 25k because I was buying Pete's rights to the property on Lake Moultrie at Bonneau Beach, SC.  Pete was going to be a partner in the business, "the black oak cafe." on site. We were into gathering data on the population. Lobbying on behalf of early childhood education is the "point" of our business model. It is quite simple; "build it and they will come," a beautiful property on a beautiful little lake in the quaint town of Bonneau Beach, SC. Imagine, just for the moment a camping situation along the lake where you get what you pay for, service. Your needs are our needs. Your space for the moment- it is fantasy island along the lake. We were building the praxis  for others to visit. We designed our system to be "you tube" compatible. We were going to cater to the entrepreneurial movements which were coming into confluence, becoming whole. When you bring people together, you make money. But, we could not be what we wanted to be and still associate with Pete and the political power's which he was committed to. Pete is dead. I got my money back. I'm sorry to say that it failed because I'm 666 in the system at large.