Friday, March 21, 2014

what ever...up yours!

So you are the "gang banger"; therefore you are the happy "sexual" in this story, OK. Now every one else falls into one of these categories: heterosexual -man and women getting it on; homosexual -man and man getting it on /woman and woman getting it on; bisexual -man getting it on with both/woman getting it on with both; Asexual -not getting it on at all. Now the key question to answer is this, which body type do you pick when your transsexual ? For example, a transsexual lives in the wrong form, a female occupying a male form. She wants to occupy a female form. But, does she want to be with men, women or both. How to "pick" is what I question; this has all to do with environment, nurture. Imagine if you could, a society which is heterosexual and this is what it praises; they shun the rest. But you are homosexual and feel the shunning which translates into prejudice leaving you belittled. Yet, knowing how prejudice hurts, you shun the bisexual as one who is false and only you are true. Maybe if I were a 'transsexual,' I think I would be a "gang banger" and just love us all. And best of all, you do not have to like the "gang banger." you can just believe in the hereafter; rejecting others just to fit in with the Church's projections upon your mind. The church preaches fear in this story. Shun according to what I say not as to what you do. Shun shun shun anyone who confesses to be different, never allow for their differences, their differences will pollute the church's teaching. What do you think it would be like for the hermaphrodite "gang Banger"? Maybe it would be like being a transgender.