Friday, March 21, 2014


Trumka told the story about what if: what if the kid goes down to the corner store and sees the others with their fancy trappings gained from working in the secondary market place with its robust free market system enjoying its heyday. "What do you tell that kid to keep him on the good path?  Coming out of an environment that has no future, the kid has no reason to believe that you care. The kid of poverty does not process in a functional way. That is to say, the way you function. The kid of poverty is usually dysfunctional, trickling, twirling and swirling the in and out of street's savoir-fare. Richard knew the answer was "blowing in the wind"; it is just an old song and never a new answer with any possibility for its fruition. Well, maybe the kid's mom or dad is a felon, maybe not; maybe the kid's dad is an "illegal" or maybe not. The kid is going to have a greater chance of becoming a felon, than getting a job when there are problems with employment in the middle class population as a whole. For the kid, It's like "Chicken Little" thinking that the sky is falling. His or her choices are simple: find a way to survive and accumulate street knowledge, like having your ass hang out so that others know that your undies are clean, right. And if you think that the good sister has any answers than you too are sleeping in the attic of yesterday's propaganda designed to keep the kid subjugated to the control of the elites. What am I saying: no one wants to invite the kid into the family if he/she is a domestic under wraps.