Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What ever!

When I was in school, the teacher was always saying to me, who are "they" because I would refer to people as "they" in my essays.  So, in my case when I say "they," I'm referring to whomever it was that put this frame-up into play. They had a lot of power to manipulate two states. NM & SC warrants issued and presented to the Judge at the same time. I had no recourse. Why? If "they,"who ever they are, can manipulate the laws then there is no equality under the law. I want to know who "they" are and that is why I want you to join in on my side. This will give me exponential leverage and by doing so will take the rogue prosecutor before the US Supreme Court and there give witness to their transgressions. Yes, for me, this is a business situation. and as in any business there has to be profit and that is exactly how I'm taking on this union position. The union profits each time a new member comes on board and there are millions of felons in the US. If each felon purchased my picture book that will be up for sale in the coming months I will have millions to lobby the government with; please never forget, life is a game; the union is your avatar.