Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Letter to the editor:

I'm been living in Charleston, SC since the state put me back on the streets as a registered sex offender; I realize that this is something that can make others uncomfortable; yet, I have a right to live too. But I thought it would be easier on you if you knew that it was all a frame up; the testimony is perjury. For example, I went before the real estate commission to get  my license back; they did an extensive back ground check on me including the FBI check and they found nothing to report except that there was a verdict without any evidence to substantiate it. I got my license back but the prejudice is so great against the stench of  the conviction brought by a rogue prosecutor and a jury tinted by the "time share salesman's" reputation, that of a con man and deserving of their bent-up fury. Why was this? Because the jury was drawn out of those in the throngs of the aftermath of the most fierce storms, Hugo of 1989. Also, I should mention that I went up for a Governor's pardon; but I was turned down because of political reasons; this was reported to those who wrote letters on my behalf; "it was turned down for -political reasons." But, I still had to pay the attorney fifteen thousand dollars anyway. Plus, I'll be doing my annual registration soon (which I have to do every quarter) which by the way cost me $150.00 dollars to have my scarlet letter posted for all to shun. So why is this happening? The reason that I was kidnapped from NM by the state of SC was money. Some estimates at that time said between 5&6 hundred million dollars in tax right off; this was because I also represented the mortgage paper for the participants of YES, your easy side. this was the marketing arm of real state holdings. I was the gate-keeper of the federal tax stamp for the project. I have establish a working web presence in the name of the, If you go to the site you will hear my side of the story and after that I hope that you feel a little less uncomfortable. Thanking you in advance, "thank you" PS:  The picture is of a piece of the Berlin wall which came down in 1989; oh! yes, that was the same time that the state put me behind the wall. Every government wants to put a wall around its inhabitants just look at the state's prison system, the felon factory.