Thursday, March 27, 2014

My girl... the new t-shirt label for will give us a market share - meaning a presence in the market place.And let us face the facts, without a market presence you can not participate in the cultural affairs of the community. This is what I want to do because the generic felon is without representation. You remember the "Boston tea party," no taxation with out representation? This is the dilemma: felon's are without representation because it is the way the system represses itself, isolation. Keep the felon from being able to attain the license required to compete for resources. As in my case, I was able to get my real estate license back because there was never any evidence presented to the jury to justify the conviction, nor was their any evidence of fraud in my background according to the FBI back ground check. Back to the story, the reason that I did not get a pardon from the Governor was most likely because I refused to repent and confess to a crime that I did not commit. I did not plea bargain with SC. I got shafted by SC. I never confessed to raping anyone. When you plea bargain with the state you confess to the crime even if you are not guilty because the system wants it that way, and if you do not plea bargain than the state will bury under the jail. There is no social justice in SC, never mind criminal justice in SC. Position is everything in SC. And all of the positions that the felon can fill are temporary positions, ones without status quo protection from a society which shuns the generic felon. They have stained themselves, deficient of consideration from the group. This is the mindset of a deficient society. Where, as a union, we can foster a more honest offering. The felon t-shirt is our metaphor, raising itself to the "letter" quality; meaning, when you see the letter 'A' you may also see an apple in your mind's eye. Like each of the 26 letters in the alphabet, when viewed separately, can reflect upon various manifestation because we are all unique. For example, the letter 'W' could bring forth the 'witch' who offered up the apple as nourishment, knowing that it was poison. Please note, the letter 'F" does not want to stand for felon, but for "...freedom to free oneself of old assumptions, to discern previously unseen patterns and to dare. Come touch, taste, tap, toy with, discover and rekindle that which is ours yet your alone." This is the T-shirts message.