Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Confession, maybe not

Confession inside of the confessional booth when I was a young man came along with its own baggage. In this story the confessor's proxies of sexual enlightenment were challenged by the priest within the booth. Taking me into his rectory where he performed his attempt of exercising the devil from the "tulip" budding between my legs. Using his communal kit, he placed two wafers on my "tulip" and than poured wine over them and sucked on my tulip until he sucked the devil out of me; This went on each Wednesday around 3pm for several months. Then he was gone- I went to confession that last Wednesday at the appointed time, 3pm. And went into an empty confessional booth. Now I told this story to the group during one of my many therapy sessions; they did not believe me. They did not believe that I did not know that this was wrong at the time that I was getting my "tulip" sucked on. Now I know that he was not the first person to suck on my genitals, but that is what he called my genitals, to him my genitals were his "tulip" and it was special and  he did not want the devil to misdirect my "tulip's" blossom and that is why he told me that I was special and that Jesus wanted him to help me get through this time of my maturity. Then I told them that my father would take me with him when he went to the steam baths in town, a dim room filled with naked men sitting on slabs of marble with steam being pumped into the room. Yes, they all believed that I was exaggerating my life's stories. Hell, maybe I was. I was in these therapy sessions because the state of SC court's sentenced me to five years of being torched up against purged testimony.  Let me try to help you to understand; I offer up as evidence the fact that the Government freed me from my obligation to pay off my student loans. Believe me when I say that I wish that I could have gotten a job and paid them off, but the government knew that my degree would be useless because I'm a political prisoner as well as a Felon.