Monday, April 7, 2014

Pirates' joy...It's all about status.

So the Devil said,  " It never hurts to stack the deck." And what a deck it is indeed; pick up the paper, any paper professing to be the rag of the day. There you will find out about the bottom line, death or near death on every slice of whatever it is that you slice and dice to cull your share. In the old days you could find a good democracy on board any one of the vessels scavenging off the coast. Yes, that was the pirates' way. Today it is only one of those fleeting fantasies that you out there in blogging land want to hold onto so you too can go to the islands and establish a tax free way of freeing yourself form helping those that are less able to function due to their status or lack of it in this new world order. Give me what I want when I want it; I want it to be tax free because I earned it you see with only a little bit of help from my family. Our way or the highway has been here since the good old days when the family deemed what the good old days were all about, before the dirt under your finger nails started to sprout some form of mischievous idea about equality. Walk the fucking plank if you do not want to sail with me; this is not the good ship 'lolly pop' where you have a say about how things work; I choose the port of call; you tend to the rigging. This is my deck, you see.