Saturday, April 26, 2014

Living...a glass house.

 Because of my hearing disability, I got a deferment for my degree quest because a foreign language was required; so, if I majored in a culture it would count toward language credits; I chose the Middle East. So this is my point of interest. The grain of sand in this metaphor is Israel being the grain in the Middle East's taste for shellfish. Think of the old Ottoman Empire as the 'oyster.' The pearl is forming; the oyster knows that its life is in jeopardy due to those who want to harvest that pearl. For example, a slim majority of the Palestinian population would rather have Israel protect their interest than those who would become the facade of the political system taking control. 56% of Palestinians are against the two-state solution on safety issue. They know that Gaza was at one time a very robust economy; upward mobility through commerce and woman's rights had a rising star in Israel until the US backed off and formed an alliance with Hamas. Israel left Gaza Strip; it is not looking back. Hamas took over with a political theory which is reactionary to say the best. That is as long as you want to be a slave to their religious ideology. The key to understanding the Middle East is based on who has the right to the land, has the right to be counted. This debate is all about who has the right to vote, therefore, who is in control of the government. For example, the whole of the Middle East was made Jewish since 1921. Think WWI and its reconstruction of the Ottoman Empire. Also, Israel was not the only new state formed out of the reconstruction of WWII. The powers to be cheated the Arabs and Sir Lawrence when the territory was divided up into different nation states -powers- just think Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Israel would be so very foolish to believe as the U.S. does that if a two-state solution comes to fruition that all things would come together. Palestine's quixotic history of relevance is but   a divergence away from the truth. If the Ottoman Empire was anything, it was Sunni based in tolerance for those that they controlled. The Sharia forces never owned the land, they were never the government, people of the tribe. Their government was formed out of the 1957 revolution against the Shah of Iran. Another one of the US plunders in Nation State building. These followers are still masturbating as they did when their puberty's pearl craved harvesting.  The Muslin Brotherhood would dub any cape masquerading around with a narrative for your actions. Just think if you blow yourself up for the cause you will be tended to in the next world with four wives waiting on your every pleasure. Casting call! Are you ready for your audition?