Friday, April 11, 2014

here.....hear..... ;o)~

Yesterday she said, "It is all about me"; that is what she said; "I'm egotistical." I cannot believe this. Now she has changed her mind. Today she said that egotistical might not be the right word because I have become more considerate of others since we first met. No, I just have to think that she and I are different but she has not realized that as of yet. I think that she must think that I think like her; I'm a "guy" person, not a female. She cannot think that I can be anything other than what nature intended me to be; meaning I'm a guy. I'm not a guy's guy; that is for sure. Fuck, I'm not even a me -guy. What I am is a guy that is lost in his own journey. Now I think that she thinks that I'm supposed to be a Catholic -guy. I'm supposed to serve before I consume. Let others have a fair and balanced opportunity before I attempt to consume it all. Other than her there is no one in my life; on the other hand, she is the mother of life's incarnate: She has a truck -load of people in her life, like the ark that Noah had to construct so that he could evenhandedly save the animals; she saves mankind. I believe that she thinks that if I do not change my ways that it could reflect badly upon her as if she has to take the brunt of all my projections upon life's stage. She is woman; I am guy who is being set up not to get on Noah's new boat. What do you think about it? Will Noah let you on his new boat or are you a guy like me destined to swim the entire distance?