Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Immortal's fungus

 Let it be said that it was a tradition for some to dig under the cow dung to pluck the mushrooms that grew there. Hint, think "Alice in Wonderland," you know, the place where Michael hangs out. Now for the story, I was in Peshawar, W. Pakistan. I was in the military. I got the "dear John letter" from the girl I left behind with the diamond ring inside; it came registered mail.  So I placed it in my safe; it was a top secret safe on a top secret installation in the middle of Tribal Territory during the Pakistan and India war of 1965. Security was high because of the mission, the spying of Russia. But when I reported the diamond missing to security, little did I realize that I too would be a suspect. Let me tell you what I think they did to me. I believed the military -the NSA- interrogated me and used drugs -creating a rabbit hole to gain access to my mind to discover if I was lying about the missing diamond. Also, I believe they wanted to know more about my relations with Pakistan's military government. This is what happened: I was set to go on a courier run up to Kabul, Afghanistan, as armed escort for the courier coming up from Karachi, the old capital of W. Pakistan, on the Indian ocean. The incoming courier's guard, Edwards, gave me a pill to pop because it was going to be a long night; it was supposed to keep me awake and alert. But for me, it was lights out. I never made the mission and no one ever spoke to me about it. So Edwards, the courier guard, either drugged me because he wanted to continue on to Kabul for his own lascivious purposes, or it was the Government. I knew Edwards; we came over together on the same transport; he stayed in Karachi; I went up to Peshawar. When you run classified material like I did, you flew PIA airlines. I was flying all the time. Karachi was my stop. It did not make any sense that Edwards did anything other than carry out orders.  No, I believe the Government thought that it was some kind of a coverup on my behalf because of my connection with the Pakistan security forces. Khan and I were playmates of the night in the "tribal scene" of fuck-ups; I had all of the accoutrements he needed; he had the key- he was the gate keeper to all of the pathways I wished to open. We were a marriage made in the "bushes"as they say. Now, for the side bar, all this came out in therapy several years ago, but I do I believe it to be true. The day that the diamond went missing I forgot that I showed the diamond to one of the wives on base; I believe that she was there because she was a kleptomaniac; she took the diamond out of the box, and closed the box before she gave it back to me, but I never made the connection. I never looked to see if the diamond was in the box; I just put it back in the safe. I had been sure that Clyde was behind the missing diamond; he held me in contempt because I would not recognize his position as -man in charge. Although, I jumped the gun when I assumed that maybe he had gotten the combination to the safe and key to my work area from the ranking NCO in charge of our operation. It was me; the dung that the fungus sprouted from; it was my prejudice giving of the mushroom its kick; or maybe, it was because Clyde was from the South, and I was from my mother; it is all about socialization.