Sunday, April 27, 2014

Compare/Contrast: Marriage or divorce?

If you would imagine a window that is divided up into four equal sections. The top part is north; the bottom part is south; the right side is east; the left side is west - this I'm calling a paradigm: "the window pain theory."Just a tool, a way to observe a situation. Let us look at the two-state solution between the north and the south after the civil war; its cauldron of reconstruction politics. We can see many scenarios in hindsight, granting our wisdom with 20/20 vision. And for sure, it is still a work in process. OK, that took care of the top and bottom of the window. Now the east with its WASP sense of balance which no one other than a WASP can discern - projecting its baggage of Victorian morality inculcated while coming over on the Mayflower, buffering the protestant reformation. Juxtapose that to the west and its liberal undercurrent of "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"; there is no need for a confession. But still the WASP will visit his friends from out west and taste their sins, then run home and witness to the congregation that the Devil is alive an well out west, just proselytizing their souls. Now let us think about the probability of the Jewish dilemma being successful on its maiden voyage. Let us Mayflower it. What is the Jewish dilemma? It is the question of the two-state solution, Israel & Palestine.  Now hit on this metaphor if you will. Israel is resting at the train station waiting for God to get off, and by the way, the Jews have never left the station because God has not gotten off the train yet because the train has not arrived. Juxtapose this to Palestine; think tourism. Because the Palestinians believe that God got off of the train at their train station and God is not getting back on the train heading to the other side. So, let us go back to "the window pane theory"; using the US experience, its parable to process the dilemma. The Jewish dilemma sits right in the middle of the window where the four pains meet. Which one of the two choices will unfurl without a snag? Will you choose the north/south scenario, racial integration and its success as your model? Or will you choose the east/west scenario of combating sin? I personally believe that it is impossible to believe that probability could ever be on the side of a two-state solution. But the Middle East as a functioning whole could be the one state with a compass that can discern the sifting sands of history; creating its altered sense of secularization might have a chance if and only if God get back on the train heading for a much needed rest, like visiting with Napoleon on Crete. He did have the good luck of acquiring the Rosetta stone, the compass of his time.