Sunday, April 6, 2014

"the bill"

There is no way to pay back the cost of services. The favor that serendipity brought about. This is what you want to discern so that you are not negligent in your responsibilities to pass on to others the synergy of your debts; as they say, "pass it on."I believe that it is a waste of energy to project my own shit; when it happens it has its tangential habit of retrofitting back on itself, creating more garbage. What about you? Have you ever considered the consequences of your negligence? What is negligence? It's your "shit" composting because you are not a redeemer. But, you find comfort in it anyway. So, now you too kick the can down the road until you need redemption. Side bar: I have to tell you this story. I was president of a small bible school, Pecos Valley Christian College in Roswell, NM., on the way to being consequential, yet not getting there. One of the staffers said to me that he was a  Southern Baptist; he was baptized, therefore, the fix was in. The question I asked him was: Don't you think that you are taking an advantage of this situation, the womanizing. He made no connection between his "fix" based on Southern Baptist -baptism, and how he conducted himself. So! Back to the story of when you are in need of redemption: You have no shame because you do not think about it; you know it; you are not open to thinking about its interconnected synergistic values. For, if you did, you too would be asking for redemption; so, I think that you think that what it is all about is believing in the urban legion of the -papal Bull. It came out as one of the reasons over the Protestant Reformation; some believe that it caused the reformation. In reflection: it is better to own a needle than scissors, because the needle can mend the tear. Scissors can only make a permanent separation never restoring it to being whole, like the needle. "The needle can stitch two halves back together; making a "whole" so that you can crawl through and escape with your new $500 dollar get out of jail quick card.