Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gargoyle...it's the inner thing.

Remember the Holy Roman Empire: remember the Italian City States.The Holy Sea. Where are they today? South and central America. Who is its it? Pope Francis, my very own patron saint. He is the church's gargoyle coming out of the southern hemisphere with his gathering of the flock. Their bank keeps on growing and their power is exploding on the reigns of Putin's new agenda. Some day the U.S. will get out of the game so that the players can play on. When playing with felons, disregard your own rules; understand what the player's needs are; than furnish them. What you need to understood is that the region and its people are more tribal than they are individual. The U.S. is individual whereas the rest of the world and its populations are tribal in belief. The U.S. is "self best interest" and within this it's a southern thing to be more "position" oriented, a more conservative stance. See this picture; the Gargoyle as the metaphor for the region known as the Middle East readying to bring together a convergence, ideas to the "highest and best use". A new home to come into with pride because you could contribute to the process. Iran's model is so old school, lacking thought. Because they can not get beyond the 11th century ideology.  For example,  Iran has a system of centrifuges, connected in a string of four. The centrifuge has be brought up to the speed of sound, held there over time to have any value. The problem is, if anyone starts the "wobble" in the centrifuge, the wobble will continue like a cancer until the centrifuge shuts down. This is one of the rumors running around town; the U.S. likes putting Iran's centrifuges into the "wobble." What is the "wobble?" It's the moment that the centrifuge goes below the speed of sound. So what is the story line?  It was the settlement out of the war that divided up the tribe's financial system throughout the region and distributed the wealth away from the power brokers at hand. This was their card game. The Ottoman Empire's system was shattered; new powers rose out of the ashes and this caused the turmoils of the day. If the truth be known, the middle east is younger than me. I was born in 1942; 1917 was the year of "the beginning of the end." One last parting short across the bow. Intersect does not run along the "Y;" Iran is a "Y" dominated and its ranges and domains are limited in interpretations, hermeneutics.