Tuesday, April 29, 2014

F-ile U-nder C-arnal K-nowledge: FUCK file. Mr. F

 This is true: Welcome to my world. When you are placed on the registry for sex offenders, the one thing that you can depend on is that you are fucked for life. So why did Judge F. surrender to political pressure and give it to me up the ass. Yes, there never was any evidence presented to the court to substantiate the verdict of guilty. But, Judge F. allowed his true nature to rise to the surface just like the corruption which must have been present when he was given the opening to assure the community that the south was changing- "the times they are changing." That is so fucking not true. Judge F. is just another one of our species who cares more about fitting in with the power brokers of the racial community's divided sense of duty. It is a zero sum game; all are subject to the whims of prejudice; it is their Christian duty. Judge F. is not neutral when sitting on the bench. That is if you think that a judge's duty is to find a fair balance between advisories. Punish the guilty, yet let the parties find a pathway back into the community of diversity. No, Judges like this one will always lean in the direction of prejudice when they feel their might be a cost of siding on the side of justice, the under dog. No matter where you are in this world, it will always help to remember, follow the money. Yes, as they say in the world of boxing, I believed F. took a dive right along with his friend and my attorney, B. L.  B.L. told me himself that the enemies that I created in SC were to entrenched to overcome. The public defender's office told me that the prosecutor wanted me to accept a plea deal for 30 years to life. The rogue bitch was out to make a name for herself; she too was sleeping with the enemies of justice. He, B.L.,  also said to the court under cross examination during my appeal that I never told him that I confessed to the crime of rape. So, I ask Judge F., how did this happen? Why was an innocent member of society repeatedly raped by the good citizens of the state of SC. Now please do not tell me that I was dreaming when I felt that dick plundering my asshole Judge F.