Thursday, April 10, 2014

$1,000.00... a southern sex scandal.

Let us talk about my trial. OK. One of the witnesses lied to the jury; she testified to the jury that she met me at the Yachtsman the afternoon in question; she did not because I was with a  amateur hooker. She never met me like she testified to in the trial. I remember that day because that afternoon is what this story is all about: this is what I had in my pocket the morning that I went to pick up B.N.: I was going to prepay her the commission she could earn upon completion of any contract for timeshare/whole ownership. I was supposed to pick her up that morning and take her to a resort property on the beach which was under federal receivership. This was the property securing the red trading weeks for sale. But no, she was to busy. She  said, "Take my daughter down town to the midway" which I did. Now by chance, this is also where I live, directly across the street from Mother Fletcher's, the great den of sin; this is where I let her (the daughter) out and did not see her the rest of the day. And if my memory does not fail me, her daughter had a reputation of getting in trouble at Mother Fletcher's, on their teen dance day. The proprietor of Bodo's on 8th Avenue North told the daughter to call her mother up on the phone so that they could tell her that if she did not come down and get her daughter right now, they were going to call the police. They did not appreciate her soliciting,  her actions, as she was with the tourist. I was not there then; I arrived as she started screaming at her daughter, for the humiliation it was causing her. They -Bodo's-  said that she was acting badly and it was their family restaurant. Back to the story: I was going to give her $1000 for her financing. I offered up a little honey since she had told me on many occasions that for her, it was all about the money. And the "Printer," the man in town who owned the printing company had put up the money.  He had printed the flyers advertising time shares on the beach, and figured he would get his money back. The flyer was going out on the boxes of Dominoes piazzas being sold in Myrtle Beach. It was the flyer for the East West challenge, my advertising program to help promote timeshare resales along the beach, Myrtle Beach, SC.  We would be the cheapest place you could go and buy into the time share fantasy.  Anyway that is why I had the $1000 in cash. She never got the chance for the offer because she did not want to take the time; I kept the grand in my pocket.  So I know that she perjured herself because I was with a lady of the "time" - "if you have the money honey, I have got the time." She also had party favors; we got down you might say; Why do I remember this? I remember this because I'm a terrible piece of ass unless I'm coked out. She got $500 out of the $1000; I got her and the coke. She came into town to party and have someone else pay for it. She knew how to do this; she had to have the party favors. I bought half of that bag of hers that afternoon and shared it back with her; the best piece of ass, it was marked into my brain. I'll never forget that piece of ass. So, she can not convince me that I was somewhere when I was not; I was not behind the Yachtsman  that afternoon. No! She perjured herself  out of spite and money; rumor is she was approached by someone who wanted me out of town -a southern sex scandal.