Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Charlie Yeo.........yeo man.

 We all know that the "fix" is in, only if you do not get caught. And this is the theme: when you live life outside of the neighborhood, your comfort zone. Well then, you should know that you are going to get caught because you live by the instinct of self best interest; this is where life becomes gray. Not the gray matter between your ears, but for sure, it is similar. Because, you are here in life to be creative, yet you are not always truthful unless you believe in what others told you to say. For example, you are selling greed; you believed in what the leprechaun told you to say about the greed;  because you work for the leprechaun, and he promised to make you rich. Welcome to America, the shining world under the star on top of the hill. That reminds me of another myth - this is the urban legend about three kings who are looking for the leprechaun being born under the big star in the old world, not like today in the new world order, America. This was the leprechaun Jesus; and his followers are not so sure either about their understanding of how the "fit" will work for them. New world or old world self best interest will win out only if you do not get caught, one hundred percent of the time. Now since I'm not a leprechaun, I'm not selling you any insurance against your way of life because you live in a cesspool. Systems that govern are all cesspools made up of political actors who control the power to govern. You gave them permission to fuck all over you when you subjugated your vote to those actors who live in the world of self best interest right alone side of you. You just do not live in their neighborhood. You can not see their house form your house. Or, for what ever tidbit of information this means, you can not see their house from any other house in your neighborhood.  PS. When I was young, it was Charlie Yeo who lived across the street from my house; I'm dam sure you can not see any actor's house from his house -Yeo man.