Friday, April 25, 2014

Yesterday's... Monday morning of rememberance.

Monday's Monday is one of the powers that binds into your psyche. You know it because you had been there before, hopefully learning from past experiences.  Some of my Mondays were wonderful, please do not misunderstand me, but that Monday morning -April 1, 1989, April Fools' day, that day was not a joke for me. It was my birthday present. The state of SC helped some very bad, yet influential people, steal my birthday that year, 1989.  By any stretch of any imbeciles you choose to reference, SC has deliberately stolen every day of my life; this will continue until I die all because three women joined in the conspiracy. The deal was some where around $350,000,000 dollars. Yes, it was a loss, but the biggest loss in my estimation was all my own fault. The year was 1981; it was another one of my very own birthday presents. Only, this time it was all about the coke. I was out of coke and out of control during the DC shut down brought down by Hinckley's attack on Regan. This was a playing the game, southern style. That weekend four of us flew out of Myrtle Beach, SC, stopping off along the way so to amuse, assure the powers to be that their whims are too sacred to shuffle by. There was a point to be made, so we landed the plane and went off to taste the barbecue put out at some joint Richard was fond of. Talk about expensive barbecue the sandwich's cost was not on the table. Believe it or not, there are costs to landing and taking off from an airfield. But, when you are flying on Jack Daniels and cocaine who gives a fuck. The only down side is when you are out of coke. We were just getting started, next stop NC basket ball, Richard was a fan. It was my birthday and he was having all the fun. Next adventure is gambling; we flew off the Atlantic city, NJ and I ended up giving Richard the grand I had on me; yes, he lost that too at the tables. But, he was good for the money.He gave it to me when we got on board in Myrtle Beach. The problem was the young lady who wanted to do lascivious things to me was upset when she found out she went into my room and not Richard's room. He had tapped me out. She came back to my room with her equalizer; his buddy on the front desk was with him and open up the door. I was never so lucky for I had placed the door's safety chain on; this stopped the deck clerk's participation at her attempt to get at me. Who knows what could have happened, not good for me, anyway. We finally end up in DC; this was the deal of a lifetime, putting together the vacation program for the AFL-CIO and its members. The deal was based upon the line -the assurance to the insurance- that a union member's family deserves the family vacation. I made that presentation to the union in Boston, MA. and their legislation council for the union signed on to program. But that was before I fucking crashed on stage in the Shoreham hotel where the AFL-CIO was having their conference, and Tip O'Neill, Speaker of the House, was giving his remarks to the union representatives about his hopes for labor. I was the gift that failed because Richard ran off with the coke.