Friday, April 4, 2014


It is nothing but a "fucking joke" if you really think that the Supreme Court is working on behalf of you. The 'new world order' is a word string whose subliminal meaning is suffocating society. This is all about power and money: highest and best use of the wiglet, you are the wiglet. You are being fed garbage as if it were to be dined upon; this is all about setting a stage so that the system can "vampire" off you, sucking the life out of you. This is your only chance to see life as if it were worth seeing. You in control of your choices. The problem is quite simple, your choice are not productive; they are unique to you; therefore, jettison that which is yours in favor of the "highest and best use" so  that the elites can play. What I do not understand is this: WHY!  How does the system justify itself?  It does not have to because it is the only system. For example, the system is closing down a Pre-Release center in S.C. - this is where the felon can get a break and a pathway back into society- so that they can buff up on security in the "icicle garden." How about spreading resources around so that each one of us could attain their potential, let me avail myself of the same oxygen that the elites breath. No! The idea of "the new world order" is 'the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" ;that is you.  My idea is Social Justice not Supreme Justice. What I do know is this: the more you take away from the majority in favor of the elites, the less justice you will find for the majority. Key to all problems are through its construct: Your construct is the Constitution, its 14th amendment is equality. Do you get the joke?